Deadline information
Conference Date: 20 – 22 April 2017 
Registration opening : 16.12.2016
Due date for abstract and paper submissions : 20.03.2017 
Announcement of accepted presentations : 01.04.2017 (It will be announced after reports accepted by scientific committee) 
Due date for hotel registration : 30.03.2017 
Due date for registration as a listener : 20.03.2017 
Due date for paper full text submission : 20.03.2017 

        Abstracts accepted by scientific committee (oral presentation / poster) will be included in conference program which will be announced by organizing committee.
Oral presentations will be restricted with 15 + 5 minutes. 
Dates and times of all presentations will be announced in the timetable program. 
Oral presentations must be prepared in MS PowerPoint format as slide-shows or PDF on USB flash drive or compact discs etc.
For each poster presentation 100cm - 80cm space will be available. 
Poster representation times also will be announced in Conference program.
Oral / poster presentations accepted by scientific committee will be included in the the Conference Proceedings and will be published in separate volume.
In case of registration fees could be paid by participant until the deadline then his (her) academic papers will be excluded from Conference program and  from Conference Proceedings.